Homemade Broccoli soup

This may not look great, but I topped my soup with¬†Boursin Garlic Cheese and croutons! One of my favs! Also really easy to make ūüôā   Ingredients Broccoli ( doesnt have to be neatly chopped) 2 diced Onion 1 Crushed Garlic 2 pints of Vegetable or chicken stock Few handfuls of spinach leaves Creme fraiche…

Seabass in a coconut cream

Ingredients Seabass fillets Coconut cream Red onions Chopped in chunks Cherry tomatoes Halved (handful should be enough) Finley chopped red chilli garlic/ginger/green chilli/coriander  blitzed together (marinade for the seabass) Fresh Thyme Fresh coriander Desiccated coconut

Turkey Burgers With Smoked Applewood Cheese and Cajun sweet potatoes

Ingredients:¬† Turkey Mince Finley Chopped Red Onions 1 minced garlic clove Salt pepper Paprika powder English mustard Breadcrumbs 1 egg yolk Dressing for the bun: Crispy Romain lettuce Tomatoes Applewood smoked cheddar Caramelised onion chutney Large Bread roll Method: In a big mixing bowl add the mince, red onions,garlic,salt,pepper,paprika,english mustard and breadcrumbs. Mix until all…

Tandoori Chicken Bites and Hummus

Yes I made the Hummus my self too! ūüôā Ingredients Tandoori Chicken Plain yoghurt Coconut Oil Onion Finley Chopped Lemon juice Ginger Finley chopped Garlic cloves, minced Garam masala Turmeric powder Ground cumin Coriander powder Cayenne pepper Paprika Powder Salt Black pepper Ingredients for¬†Hummus Canned chickpeas Sesame Oil Garlic Cloves Salt Pepper Cumin Powder Paprika…

Brown Toast and Avocado

This Is the simplest and quickest recipe on my blog! There is a fried egg under the Avocado but I obviously didn’t think about the platting up of the dish.. (I’ll Upgrade this post once I get a better picture) Ingredients: Brown Toast Eggs Avocados Salt Pepper Chilli Flakes Lemon

Prosecco And Hennesy Trifle and mini Jelly shots

Jelly Ingredients: Choice of jelly flavour (packets) Prosecco Hennesy Pack of gelatine¬†powder Choice of fruits Hot water Trifle Ingredients:¬† A packet of trifle sponges Fruit – Strawberries or Raspberries Custard ( I brought the ambrosia tin, i still haven’t ¬†mastered how make home made custard) Whipping cream Grated¬†Chocolate Alcohol infused jelly

Prawn Linguine

Ingredients: Linguine pasta 1/2 Garlic Cloves Minced Red Chilli Chopped finely King Prawns Half a tomato tin (blitzed) Finley chopped basil leaves Salt Pepper Mixed herbs Parmesan Cheese

Breaded Mushrooms and Honey Asparagus

Ingredients For Breaded Mushrooms Portobello mushrooms Garlic Breadcrumbs Egg Yolk Mixed Herbs Pepper Ingredients For Honey Asparagus¬† Bunch of Asparagus Honey Lemon Juice Garlic cloves minced Rock Salt Pepper (Ive also made asparagus¬†with soya sauce and chilli, garlic and ginger! ¬†another alternative if you are feeling adventurous)  

One Pan Chilli/ Ginger Salmon And Veg

Ingredients Salmon Fillets Ginger finely Chopped Chilli seeds Baby Corn Mushrooms Sugar snap peas Red/yellow/green peppers thinly chopped Soya Sauce Hoisin sauce Red chilli finely chopped