Pan Fried Sea bass with Wild Garlic and Lemon Sauce and Roast Potatoes

All purpose flour
Salt Pepper
Fresh Lemon Squuezed (as much as you like)
Olive Oil / Butter
Fresh Parsley
Wild Garlic (or normal garlic minces)
White Wine
Veg Stock
Roast Potatoes

Method :
1. Pat down sea-bass with a towel, ensuring the sea bass is fully dried
2. In a plate/ bowl Add flour Salt and Pepper and mix
3. Dredge the sea bass and shake of any excess flour
4.Pan fry your sea bass with Olive oil and Butter (3 mins on each side) Start with the skin side down (set aside one cooked)
5. Make your sauce, in the same pan add in white wine and butter and mix
6.Allow the white wine to evaporate
7.Quickly add in garlic and parsley and stir quickly
8. Add in stock and simmer until sauce thickens
9.Add in some fresh butter to the sauce, and your sauce is done 🙂

I served my dish with Thyme and Rosemary Roast Potatoes!

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