This is me, a girl living in west London with a passion for cooking! I may not always have the best looking plate of food, but I do try and make it as tasty as I can. I tend to have a hard group of people to please (family especially ) into making yummy food! The picture you see is of my little sous chef. My little niece maybe 5 years old but she is the hardest food critique I’ve ever had, and she always helps especially when I am baking!

I would put my recipes in my posts and what makes them different to every other food blog, but this is all just a learning curve for me.

 I would love to hear feedback from you all, whether its to do with the layout ,pictures, recipes or the content of the blog. If you would like of the recipes feel free to hit the “CONTACT” link and leave me a comment 🙂  

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Hope you enjoy my blog xx